February 19th, 2013


More nerdgasm!

I started on the second volume of the About Time series last night. William Hartnell has just regenerated into Patrick Troughton. I was falling asleep by the end of the last essay in that section, alas, so could venture no further. Basically, this series is catching me up on all the fannish Stuff about the show which I missed by being too young to know about it the first time around. And also by being, pretty much, a feral Who fan who didn't join any clubs or anything. (I went to a few meetings of a local club, but didn't do anything beyond that. This seems to be, mostly, my fandom of solitary study, though I enjoy talking about it sometimes.)

Lifted weights last night; this time I did a bunch of exercises using the short barbells, which are the best for the triceps exercise I've been doing. They also work fine for a bunch of other stuff based more on reps than on overall weight. Then I did a half hour on the elliptical (no intervals) at a pretty good pace. I didn't quite manage a 12-minute mile. But almost. I like doing the cardio after because I think it helps loosen up my muscles after the weights, and so it's easier to stretch.

More "Messiah" tonight.