February 18th, 2013


It's going to be a weeeeeeeeeek.

We're in one of our annual crunch times at dayjob. Hooray?

I had a pretty good weekend. I'm done with jury stuff! We managed to finish it all up on Saturday, so I could go about my business on Sunday without constantly checking my email. I enjoyed it, but it was a huge time committment. Taking a year off this year.

I did errands and some cleaning in between checking email, and in the evening watched the first half of "The Ark," an early Dr. Who episode notable for aliens that look sort of like one-eyed Beatles with duck feet. Picture of a monoid's face here. The actors had to hold half of a ping pong ball, painted with an eye, in their mouth.

Sunday morning was putting away laundry, syncing my gym MP3 player (I think I did it right this time), and working on some books for preview/review. Then I spent the afternoon and evening with Small Monkeys. The Maw and I practiced writing and reading some new words, and tested all the markers so we could throw out the ones that no longer marked (I made up a song to the tune of "Goodnight Ladies": "goodbye markers, goodbye markers, goodbye markers, say 'goodbye'!" punctuated with throwing them into the trash in rhythm). Then we dug out the bits of crayon too small to color with any more, so they could be used for melting. We didn't get through stripping all the paper off, though. Eventually, we watched "Rabbit of Seville," so they have now seen Bugs Bunny, and moved on to "Princess Mononoke" while eating camembert and crackers.

This week shall be reading, gym, and "Messiah" rehearsal. That seems like plenty to me.