February 4th, 2013


Things Accomplished

This weekend I either read or skimmed ten YA/MG novels and did two loads of laundry, both of which are dry and put away. Go me!

I still have the sheets/towels/sweatshirt load to go, but it's not urgent.

I also spent some time backing up files on my external hard drive; these were mostly ones I'd had backed up on my old external hard drive before it was stolen. I was able to do that while watching my DVD of "The Chase," (First Doctor) and various of the extras.

"The Chase" is possibly the weirdest of the Dalek stories, though the idea of Daleks with a time machine got used many times after this. It seems really weird, to me, mainly because of the jaunty jazz combo that accompanies shots of the TARDIS traveling through a sort of psychedelic vortex (except at this point, they didn't call it the vortex yet). It's basically a series of little set-pieces, done even more cheaply than usual since they can't really re-use stuff from episode to episode as each one has a different setting. Luckily, at least a couple of them look like they could've come from stock. It's mostly notable as the last episode in which Ian and Barbara appear; they have a really great (and stylishly filmed, with the addition of still shots) ending after they arrive back in London which I recently learned was shot by a different director than the rest of the episode.

Before my weekend ended, I cleaned off my little set of DVD shelves and re-arranged things so all my Doctor Who was in one place and in order and accessible. My Eccleston set is still out on loan, but I am beginning to miss it fiercely. I left space for it, and also for "Reign of Terror," which will be winging its way towards me this month. Weirdly, I could not locate my copy of "Survival." I have to go through the rest of my DVDs to find it; I had pulled it out to visit [personal profile] natlyn some time ago, and apparently never returned it to its original spot on the shelf.