January 31st, 2013


Sort-of a Night Off...and Laundry, Laundry, Laundry

Video preview of my choir's Rossini concert! Includes bel canto & piano geekiness. The clips of rehearsal are pretty early on - you can see, for example, that my score is not even stapled together yet, and we are mostly staring at the pages - but luckily there's not too much of that, as it's mostly the nerdtastic bits.

This rest of this post is a lot of quotidian minutiae. You have been warned.

I went to the gym last night, but due to (I think) still being stiff from Monday's weights workout, and a little short of sleep, I had no get-up-and-go whatsoever. It was like running through lead. So I didn't attempt intervals at all, just did half an hour on the elliptical at a good pace, then went home.

I had time to do laundry before bed, but instead I decided to turn in early. This turned out to be a good idea since I woke up around 5:30 AM and took some time to get back to sleep.

My To Do lists almost always start with "laundry." This is because I hate seeing it pile up, so one load a week is ideal, with an extra load now and again when I need to do sheets and towels and, in winter, sweaters and hoodies and the like. This likely won't change, but I wish I could calm down more about not getting it done promptly. I think it would help if I had my own laundry room and could hide the baskets there where I couldn't see them, but I don't, so I see them constantly. It's a small thing, but irksome.

Next week is Concert Week for the Rossini, so I'll be in dress rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, 3 hours each night. This means it would behoove me to do my laundry this weekend. I will also probably skip doing weights on Monday night, as six hours of standing on a stone floor is really hard on me, even when wearing Danskos with a soft insole, and it is much worse with stiff muscles, I have learned. The elliptical should be okay Monday, though. I will no doubt take Thursday off from the gym as well and go to bed early. I might try intervals (15 minutes max workout time) on Tuesday or Wednesday before rehearsals, if I'm not too wiped out.

I also have a huge new batch of books to look at for the jury thing. Luckily, some of the ones that arrived were ones I'd already read, so that's a few less to deal with. I have another couple of weeks, then will be done with this committment for now.