January 28th, 2013


Where did the weekend go?

I want another weekend, stat!

I skipped the gym on Friday night, which meant I got both grocery shopping and laundry done! Saturday morning, I went to The Maw's karate class, then she visited me at my place, where we watched part of Yellow Submarine, ate grapes, drank raspberry kefir, and filled in some of her drawings with colored pencils (my crayons are packed away somewhere). Oh, and read a book. After lunch with her and her mom, I fell into bed and slept like a rock for a couple of hours, then wasted my evening watching my new DVD of the Dr. Who episode "Shada" and a whole pile of extras.

Sunday, I woke up too early and wrote 783 words of a short story. It's not suitable for the market I had originally envisioned, but will work for another one, I think. I had brunch and did some errands with [profile] feklar, then spent the evening watching Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind with both Tots draped over me until I was rendered immobile.

To do this week: 1) memorize some bits of the Rossini; 2) lift weights, which I didn't do last week (unless hauling heavy groceries home in the snow counts); 3) go through another pile of YA books; 4) do yet another load of laundry, so I will be sort of caught up on it.

Lunchtime Accomplishments

I did things during my lunch!

1. Dug out an electronic copy of a story, updated the formatting, and submitted it (as a potential reprint) to an anthology.

2. Printed out a different story, wrote and printed a cover letter, and put them together in a package to go out snail mail sometime this week. (It's a submission for an all-reprint anthology.)

3. Went online and found a place that does repair on Travelpro suitcases; wrote down the phone number and address; and emailed them to see if they can fix rollaboard wheels, and for a price quote. The place is in Roxborough.

4. Uploaded some files I had promised to someone at Arisia, but only just got to now.

5. Simultaneously, charged my Kindle (which involves just plugging it in, but hey, I did that).

Go me!