November 14th, 2012


Five Boring Things About Current Me

1. Am I coming down with a cold? Or am I just tired? I managed to exercise all right, but post-nasal drip seems to be happening. I keep wanting to cough, the annoying little kind of cough. But not so much that I can conclusively say I'm sick. Perhaps I am infected with hypochondria.

2. Copies of my Russian translation of The Duchess, etc. arrived, at long last. I can't read them, but they look cool!

3. My new bluish-purple down parka also arrived. It is of the proper size. The one-size-too-large quilted coat I've been wearing has been donated in the hope someone else can wear it.

4. Dayjob is letting us go after only 3 hours on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving; I changed my bus to NYC so I could take advantage. If I leave in the morning, it still costs me an entire vacation day because it's not an "official" early release.

5. I really want to just sit around and read comics today, but instead I have all kinds of complicated dayjob crap.