October 9th, 2012


Well, pfui.

Finally am wearing a dress I bought on clearance last spring, now that the weather's appropriate, with tights and low shoes, a pair of Clarks that have given me many years of service, with soft squishy soles for comfort. And I get to work, and the heel of the left shoe just crumbles - not sure if water worked its way in through a hidden crack, or what. I didn't see any crack when I put them on. When I try to pick up the bits that fell off, they crumble even more.


There's a shoe place 4 blocks down...guess I'll be going there at lunch. Hopefully, the sole won't erode completely before I get there, given how wet it is outside.

Naturally, today is the day I did not bring my gym bag, which would have had running shoes inside.


Also, my right index finger hurts; might have strained it while lifting weights last night. Not so great for typing, or signing my name.