September 19th, 2012


NOW, brain? Really?

On the way home from rehearsal last night, sleep-deprived and thirsty and exhausted, I realized what kind of story I could write as a sequel to "Crimean Fairy Tale." And how it would open. Like, with opening sentence and everything. It's too bad it would be science fiction because the potential October 1 deadline story wants paranormal, i.e., fantasy.

In my copious free time....

Next week, I have two dress rehearsals (Wednesday and Friday) and a concert (Saturday). There are chunks scattered throughout the All-Night Vespers where I really need to drill the text some more, so I can reel it off while only half-looking. That is going to take some time, but it has to be done, or DOOM. Luckily, it can be done - is better done - in small chunks here and there.

I have been thinking about my resistance to writing lately, and I think it's the "use all of your weekend mornings to write for hours" thing that was wearing on me most. So I am considering going back to writing just a little each day, like 250 words little (my pre-novel-selling pace was about 500 words a night). This will be even easier once I'm done with Rachmaninov and have a few weeks with no rehearsal. I hope.

Being busy and having deadlines is supposed to make one more productive, right?

Bonus points for Greek geekiness!

Someone left a nice Amazon review for the Kindle version of "17 Short Films About Hades & Persephone." I got points for using phallus, which pleases me immensely.

The whole thing, to save you a trip:

"I think this is a very sexy and well written tale about Hades and Persephone. It has a very old world way of writing, filled with historic Greek stuffs which I have to continuously Google, but not without pleasure. I like how it has the ancient, kinda raw feel to the erotic scenes (the author used the word phallus - Google that!), and yet, the romance is current enough for audience of the present world to enjoy it. It seriously felt like Persephone and Hades really had those thoughts crossing through their minds in the ancient past. Yes, it has the 'real' feel.

A light read, wish it had been longer. Quite a steal at $1.50. It you are looking for a story which still adheres to the myth, and only elaborates it a bit without stretching out of the original story, and written in a very classy, I-hate-you-but-I-am-getting-more-and-more-attracted-to-you way, you have found the perfect book to read. - ladyduck"