August 16th, 2012


Getting Rid of Stuff

Local friends - anybody interested in any of the following?

--Miscellaneous towels and washcloths, in excellent condition; I need to dig them all out first. Possibly those with kids might find them useful? Towels are regular bath size.

--A clock radio, new in March, with oversized numerals (I'm getting my cd player/clock/radio replaced!). Possibly excellent for those who wear glasses.

--A small portable cd player, not the best sound, but will play burned cds. Handy for carrying around if you are doing housework.

--An old cd player that also has a cassette player. The sound is great, but the cd player is not entirely reliable; it has trouble with some cds for no reason I can fathom. Cassette player and radio are fine.

--A VCR, four heads, hardly used in the last decade.