August 7th, 2012


Writing Day Six

I am sad this is my last day of vacation. But I plan to get some writing done!

Yesterday, I got horribly stuck after 94 words, in that way it's hard for me to describe. It's sort of like my brain makes a fist and nothing will come out. I did some other business-y (writing) email and found a couple of sources that will be useful for the novel, stuff I had noted down already: crime! in! Manchester! This morning I got up and remembered that I am just drafting, and I can skim over the scene that was giving me spasms yesterday. Cheating? There is no cheating in writing, not really. There's a lot of psyching yourself into continuing, though.

I also read a mystery yesterday, River of Darkness by Rennie Airth - it's a thriller set in, I think, the early 1920s, with a lot of World War One neepery. I had read part of it before, but it was more fun reading it all in one go. The most interesting thing about it was the historical setting combined with the thriller structure/serial killer plot that's much more commonly used for contemporary settings.