July 16th, 2012


Readercon 2012 Report

As often happens with me, I didn't attend any panels except the ones on which I served. But I did wander around quite a lot and talk to people. Lots and lots of people. Some I had seen recently, some are local to me so I see them all the time ( [personal profile] ecmyers, Michael Swanwick, Tom Purdom, [profile] trillian_stars, [personal profile] kylecassidy, Lee and Diane Weinstein), some I only see once a year at Readercon, some I only see at Readercon and WisCon, and this year was the first time in a while I've made it to WisCon. So, the whole time I am driven to see people, even though I am also an introvert and seeing lots of people makes me tired. Plus my two favorite cons also require most of a day of travel time on each end.

That's probably why, after I get home from a con, usually my first action is to take a nap, or just go to bed early. I'm really glad I took today off from the dayjob to recover.

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