July 6th, 2012



On July 3, our office closed early, so I went to the gym in the afternoon for the first time in a while. I decided to test myself on distance. On the elliptical, I first did intervals, 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds slow, for a total of ten - that's usually a mile or so. Then I did another 2.3 miles! That took around 45 minutes, total. Then I switched to a treadmill and walked another mile, which took about a half hour. So, 4.3 miles in roughly an hour and fifteen minutes.

Last night, I stuck to the elliptical, and did 3.5 miles in about 50 minutes, the first mile being intervals. When I got home, I wasn't too exhausted to do a load of laundry, as when I've exerted myself with weights.

I plan to experiment a bit and see how I feel about doing more distance for a few weeks, while still keeping Monday nights for weights.