July 5th, 2012



Normal! Brain!

My MRI came back. There are no masses or tumors. There were some "non-specific" areas that lit up (?) that sometimes manifest in people with migraines, and sometimes manifest in people without migraines. Which tells me pretty much nothing...but nothing is good.

For all I know, I will never again even have an optical migraine. And if I do, I won't be so terrified.


Some Kindle deals on Kinsale books!

The following from Laura Kinsale's backlist are on Kindle sale for $2.99:

Flowers from the Storm, which is the one with the Quaker and the mathematician aristocrat who has a stroke and loses the ability to speak for a while.

The Shadow and the Star, which is the one with the boy prostitute who became a ninja and the dressmaker.

The Hidden Heart, which is the one with the heroine who grew up wandering the wilderness with her scientist father, then hooks up with a privateer, and there's also an Evil Other Man, and she rescues a boy prostitute, the one who later becomes a ninja.