July 2nd, 2012


I had a lazy weekend.

I did things this weekend, but because I only wrote 500 words (not very useful ones) I feel like I was very lazy.

Friday night: took The Maw to see Brave. It turned out to be a lap movie - more scary bits than I had thought, that lasted longer. But she ate M&Ms and was thrilled by the experience. She wants to do it again, just us.

Saturday: I took the bus out to the Giant Mall of Air Conditioning. I feel like I've been on an expedition when I do this. I got a fake tattoo of a turtle on my calf, which I smeared a little before it dried, but it still looks pretty good. Also bought a new pair of gym shoes, little lightweight ones I plan to use for cardio.

Sunday: After having a stomachache on and off the previous night, I did laundry, then napped. Then visited the Adorable Tots. We ate a lot of things. I made French toast with a stale baguette. Then I went home and read Avengers fanfic.