May 9th, 2012


A Rainy Wednesday

I survived yesterday! Thanks to lunch with [profile] shveta_thakrar, and dinner with [personal profile] drinkingcocoa and The Maw. I even survived the Black Sheep pub being out of chicken pot pie.

Today I already feel accomplished because I took four items to be dry-cleaned, all of which sorely need it. It's finally been warm enough, long enough, that I think I can risk having my trench coat away from me for a few days.

I lifted weights on Monday and was not very sore at all yesterday. I'm doing cardio tonight.

Need to get writing done on the weekend. I skipped last Sunday because a friend whom I haven't seen in ages was in town, and my Saturday production met wordcount but was not that great. I want to ramp up the project a bit. I just have to figure out how I can both write and do the gym during the week.

Writing-Related To Do List

-Registration and dessert ticket paid
-Hotel booked
-Flight booked
-Panel assignments received

-appointment made to meet internet friend
-Bus ticket booked for one-day trip

-Hotel booked
-Panel assignments in progress
-Travel plans not yet made

-Confirmed interest in program participation

Novelists, Inc. Conference:
-Still considering. Registration is now open. Registration is pricy.
-Need to check travel options to upstate NYC w/o a car.
-Need to check roomie possibilities (must be a member to attend)