March 2nd, 2012



I have more Vintage Erotica Covers up at the pro blog today: "I See England, I See France...."

It's really fun to find the categories that appeared most often. At least, it's fun for me.

I managed to lift weights twice this week, a decent workout each time. Last week, I only managed it once, and the week before, my second workout was for crap. So this week, two good weights workouts that increased my heart rate for short periods, and one cardio workout, elliptical on high resistance (no intervals).

On bench press, I still don't feel like I have total control of it despite being stuck on 20 pounds plus the bar for a really long time. Some control, but not bam, bam, bam, not a quiver. I did up the reps to 3 sets of 10 last night, though.