November 22nd, 2011


The Return of the Gym

I'd been to the gym a couple of times the week after my cold started, and I went once at Philcon (in the hotel).  But last night was my first workout with weights and cardio, the real thing, in two weeks - really almost three.

I had thought I would feel weak, but I didn't.  In fact, some things seemed less effort.  Not sure if I'd needed more recovery time before my break, or it was just that the last few times I'd been getting sick already and didn't realize it.  Anyway, I did dead lifts and angled bench press, then on the machines did seated row, shoulder press, and seated leg press.  I finished off with high resistance elliptical for just over a mile (takes me about twenty minutes).

Emotionally, this pleased me very much.  Not sure how sore I'm going to be later.

I'm off to NYC tomorrow morning for Thanksgiving.  I might post while I'm gone, I might not.