October 18th, 2011


Weights, October 17

Just for my own tracking, this is what I lifted last night:

Squats, 155 pounds (45 barbell + 110 plates), 2 sets of 15
Deadlifts, 60 pounds (45 barbell + 15 plates), 2 sets of 10
Angled Chest Press, 65 pounds (45 barbell + 20 plates), 2 sets of 10
Seated Row, 105 pounds (using machine), 2 sets of 10
Followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical at resistance level 15, mostly at a speed of just over 3 miles per hour, so just a bit past of mile of distance
Followed by stretching. And being exhausted.

I upped my weights a bit last night on everything but squats. I think I could do more on deadlifts, but am being careful not to injure myself, and I definitely got some serious cardiovascular exertion going just with what I did.

Tonight, likely 15 minutes of 1 minutes fast, 2 minutes slow intervals, of which only the first couple will be really fast, then I will just do my best for two more. I have choir, so I have to get in and out quickly. Tuesday has thus become interval night for now.

My shoulders are a little stiff this morning, but not too bad. Nothing is actively painful. Though my middle finger on my right hand is sore; I think I strained it a little, taking plates on and off.