October 12th, 2011


Last night's rehearsal

We sang Schütz! It was awesome! I love singing in German because it has such tasty consonants, and also umlauts! I love music of this period!

We're doing Musikalische Exequien (opus 7, 1636), which is a sort of precursor to Brahms' "German Requiem" (Brahms studied Schütz), mainly because it uses a bunch of texts from the Martin Luther translation of the Bible, plus chorale texts. You can look at the score here.

We also started reading Distler's Totentanz, which is also very cool, but after about 9 pm my brain starts to dribble out my ears, so I had lost some of my euphoria. The piece is a bunch of choral bits interspersed with spoken dialogues between Death and various people whom Death is asking about, well, Death. Distler also studied Schütz, and a performance of Musikalische Exequien put him into conflict with the Nazis as a "degenerate artist."

Performance is on November 11.