September 30th, 2011


Friday Friday Friday

It's Friday! Which means tomorrow, I can do whatever I want. All day.

Can't decide!

Laundry needs to be done and things tidied. But there's the temptation of getting on a bus and going to the huge mall, to wander in search of charcoal-colored work trousers that fit me and are affordable but not poor quality and are not Dry Clean Only. Or just reading all day. All. Day. Or maybe even lifting weights; but I suspect I will not get my lazy self to the gym on the weekend.

I am feeling a little better about one anxiety - a friend put me into contact with someone at my job who can help me find out if I really owe a chunk of money to the hospital (one of those "that was supposed to be covered" things). I might still have to pay said large chunk of money, but at least I'm so, so grateful not to be caught in the Hell of Circular Insurance Company Phone Calls. At least for the moment. And, more importantly, I feel less scared because the HR person is calm.