September 22nd, 2011



Dress rehearsal last night at Academy of Vocal Arts was interesting - there was more stage direction than usual, because the program includes a lot of solo work and a "bard" (actor) interspersed with the music. This had the bonus effect of allowing us some time to sit down, which was a real blessing.

We're doing one piece in "surround sound" from the four corners of the room, and another from the back of the room; the rest from the stage. Not sure how all that will work in the church where Friday's performance will be held. Hopefully, it will all go least the music sounds good! I am jealous of the soloists who get to sing some Purcell catches...but I could never be as funny in acting them out while singing them, it's true.

Usually I love singing in Latin best, with German a close second. But for this performance, I'm really loving Italian. It's been a long time since I've sung in that language, and I'd forgotten how fun it is to let all those consonants flip off the end of my tongue at high speed. I have no idea how good my pronunciation really is, of course, but I do my best to make it sound right when sung.

As a consequence of dress rehearsal and being unable to sleep afterwards, I'm really tired today. Alas, it is a busy day at dayjob, so I need to be alert. Am halfway through my second cup of coffee as I prepare for a half-day training class.