September 19th, 2011


Small signs of accomplishment

I bought my train tickets for CapClave! I think that means I can actually go. Inertia was dragging at me, but now I have all sorts of reservations so I have to go, and as I hoped, this made me more enthusiastic. I need to remember that - if I am feeling inert, I should tell myself to do just one thing. Often, that one thing will lead to other things.

Saturday, I played with the Tots in the morning, taking them to Green Line Cafe and feeding them a chocolate croissant and half my bagel before bringing them back and encouraging them to run around. I spent a while reading books to The Maw and discussing stories she likes. Then they wanted to play school. I am terrible at playing school, as it involves bossiness. That is the reason Geeklet likes it, of course: "I like to tell people what to do because I'm bossy." Best line of the day from The Maw: "I like Bread and Jam for Frances because it reminds me of bread and jam for myself."

Saturday afternoon was spent buying a cheap pair of jeans at Old Navy ($8.43!) and having a facial. I was pretty sleepy after the facial. Then I went into the locker room to change and there was a tv blasting some reality show about toddler beauty pageants. It was revolting. And you couldn't turn it off or affect the volume. I got the receptionist to come in and turn it off. Before my facial, the tv was playing some show about all the people who got killed on Saipan in World War II. That was actually less revolting.

Sunday was a day of being pretty useful. I did a load of laundry, changed my sheets, put my broken fan out for the trash pickup, and went to Target with C., where they were not selling fans but I did get some other stuff I need that is cheaper there than downtown at CVS. Home Depot didn't have fans, either, only heaters. Does no one else use a fan for white noise and to help dry laundry? I do have a fan to take the place of the dead one, but the back keeps falling off and it's not very powerful; it was always my backup fan before. After Target, I went home and read a romance novel - Eileen Dreyer's Never a Gentleman. The couple really, really needed some counseling about communication. I mean, yeah, there was treason at stake, but still.

I wrote nothing. But I did put my notebook into my bag. This is progress.