August 16th, 2011


I lifted all the weights.

I was back to squats for the second time in a row, lifting less than I was to make my foot really hurt. This time I did a set of 15 at 70 pounds, then two sets of 15 at 80 pounds.

I only did a couple of machines: the chest press and the seated row. For both of those, I tested myself to see how much weight I could handle. Chest press, I couldn't complete a rep of 120 pounds, though I budged it maybe halfway. 105 pounds was okay for about 3 reps. Then I worked down with a few reps at 90 and the rest at 75, which is where I've been. Seated Row, I can do 120 pounds for a couple of reps, and 105 for a few more, then it's down to 90, which is where I've been the last few times.

After that, I did twenty minutes on the elliptical, at high resistance. I was nicely tired out.

I am curious how stiff and sore I'm going to be from those higher weight attempts. Won't find out, probably, until this evening and tomorrow.