June 17th, 2011


Gym, X-Men, Bond

I'm not nearly as sore as I feared from the additional weights. In fact, only a little stiffness. More next time!

Saw X-Men: First Class last night, which took several decades of continuity and put them in a baggie and shook them up and down vigorously before adding some new stuff. I liked it a lot. Despite the fact that every single person of color in the movie (even including the blue woman who habitually disguises herself as a caucasian woman) either was killed or turned to the Dark Side...I wonder if they thought no one would notice?!

I have always been a Magneto fan, and Michael Fassbender did an awesome job with the character, even when he totally went back to his real Irish accent in a couple of scenes. Perhaps he temporarily had Rogue's powers (no, she wasn't in the movie) and accidentally stole Banshee's Irish accent (who in this movie wasn't Irish?)? Do I get a No-Prize? Anyway, I've always felt for Magneto's principles - which is why he's such a great villain - but he was also hot, hot, hot. Particularly *is shallow* in a black turtleneck. *slurp*

I was also impressed with James McEvoy as Professor X, who did really well with the Arrogance and High Principles of Youth, and Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, who in this movie articulated a lot of the "mutants are different, what do we do about it?" issues that appeared in the comic. And Kevin Bacon totally rocked the evil Sebastian Shaw.

Professor X and Magneto are so doing it. So, so doing it.

I have a new post up at The Criminal Element Today: Bond Girl: A Juvenile Fleming Reader, about when I first read the Bond novels.