May 13th, 2011



I made a stab at the first "New Rules of Lifting for Women" workout last night, with adaptations because I couldn't find a step, and I was experimenting with how much weight to use, and how these exercises were supposed to go...and I overdid it. I could tell because I actually felt a little sick afterwards while I was stretching. Then I discovered I didn't have a protein bar in my bag like I'd thought. I took my shower and then got a smoothie, but by that point my hands were shaky. My appetite was damped down, even a couple of hours later, but I made sure to eat anyway, and when I woke up in the wee hours, I had a granola bar. No stiffness yet, but I am sure it will set in by the time I leave the dayjob, as it seems to take roughly 20-24 hours.

On the bright side, I like doing squats with a loaded barbell, and a bunch of things I'd been worrying and obsessing over abated with my physical misery.

So. No gym today! Not even cardio. It is an official Recovery Day.

I am back to thinking I need some trainer sessions. Definitely, I will further adapt what I'm doing and how much I'm lifting and for how long at my next session. Which might well be Monday.

I must remember I am not in my twenties or even thirties. Two days recovery after serious lifting seems to be working better for me than one day.