May 4th, 2011


Ramm. Stein. and "Garrow's Law"

Today is my Friday - I have the next two days off from the dayjob, which I need really, really badly. Tomorrow night, I see Rammstein! [profile] feklar and I are staying overnight afterwards, as it's a long drive.

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I finished the last three episodes of Garrow's Law, Series One last night. I enjoy the plots but I'm really in it for the costumes, costumes, costumes. Wigs! My favorite character is Sir Arthur, played by Rupert Graves, because he has things he wants that he isn't getting, and he demonstrates regrets and petty triumphs and, well, he's complex; I want to know what he will do next. His relationship with his wife, Lady Sarah (Lyndsey Marshall), has a lot of intriguing angles; he appears to love her, but does not entirely trust her all the time in a way that seems part jealousy of Garrow and her other interests (court cases) and part "Why are you against my ideals (such as they are)?" I like Rupert Graves a lot, which probably has something to do with it as well.

I am not terribly into the romance between Lady Sarah and Garrow. I think I would like Sarah more if she wasn't into Garrow at all. Why must there always be romance, or thwarted romance?

I could watch Alun Armstrong as Southouse all day. What a splendid actor.

Garrow (Andrew Buchan) is the protagonist, but he's also young and arrogant and though I find him entertaining, he's less interesting to me. We know he's going to, ultimately, win, and even when he loses he learns valuable lessons that he will later apply to winning. For that reason, his mistakes draw me in less than Sir Arthur's, even though I like Buchan's portrayal a lot, and if he were the only complex character I would probably like him more.

I also like Sylvester (Aidan McArdle), who is generally Garrow's opponent in court. Their relationship is all pointed banter, and they even have a duel! I was like, "Bring on the slash because I can't imagine no one has written it yet!" I can't fault the character for being pissy at Garrow because the things he's pissy about are generally true. Garrow's going to win in the end, but he doesn't have to be quite so annoying about it, does he? LOL.