April 25th, 2011


Alas, it is not out.

I thought I had a short story releasing today, but without my noticing, the anthology got pushed back to August 23rd. Oh, well. Now I will have an extra blog post on the actual release date.

It is antihistamine time. All the pretty trees are bloooooooooming. I am either dessicated from antihistamine or drowning in mucous. Pretty, pretty trees. *rolls eyes*

Read a couple of highly-recommended Regency Romances (old skool) this weekend, and in both got thrown out of the story because I didn't believe the setup situation. In both, a young woman was in a position I strongly suspect would have been Not On; some kind of male relative or guardian would've been in play, hampering things. I don't know enough about the period to know if the situation as portrayed was (real-life) plausible, but that didn't matter in the short-term, to me reading.

Still plan to read more. I have a big stack to work though.