April 22nd, 2011


5 Things Make a Post

1. Do you have a favorite pirate romance novel? If so, tell me what it is. Ditto if there's one you loathe.

2. I have to buy a plane ticket. I'm terrified of how much it's going to cost. I'm very lucky I didn't need a plane ticket to get to the IASPR/RWA conferences, and though I'm sad to be missing WisCon, I'm glad I didn't have to fly to Madison this year.

3. A friend of mine got another book deal! I'm very happy for her. I'm not being specific because she hasn't announced it publicly yet.

4. I'm looking forward to the massive street fair/festival in Philly on April 30, for the ending of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts.

5. I have conflicting desires these days. One is to be a hermit and read all day. The other is to wander through streets, stores, museums, and feel anonymous. Maybe they aren't really conflicting desires.