April 8th, 2011



I went to bed at Tot hours last night - around 8 pm, having skipped the gym entirely and eaten mozarella sticks with marinara sauce for dinner. I didn't entirely wake up until 6:30 am this morning, feeling a million times better than my sleep-deprived self.

I'm going to have a cardio workout this afternoon in place of my lunch hour; after work I have to head over to St. Mark's for our performance. Since my choir folder is wide, I have to use my big black messenger bag for it, which means I have room. I carried along makeup and my nice black shirt (burnout velvet, with a camisole beneath) instead of wearing it all day.

I had the awfullest dream that seemed to last forever.

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Am really looking forward to this performance. I hope I don't get so excited I screw something up. Even though part of music is that it doesn't need to be clockwork perfection.