April 7th, 2011


Sleep? Please?

Two late nights in a row make Oracne miserable. Physically, at least. I am very happy with the way the rehearsals went, and once I get some sleep at night, I will be bouncy about Friday's performance.

We spent last night's final rehearsal singing to each other, including the solos, a couple of which I heard for the first time. I have no idea what it will sound like out in the audience, but if it's only half as good it will still be really excellent.


If you missed it yesterday, I have a new post on Heroes and Heartbreakers: If You Build It, They Will Come: Worldbuilding in Urban Fantasy. I continue to work on various posts for them, and for another site that hasn't opened up yet; that's one of the reasons I stopped writing seven posts a week for my pro blog, the other being that I didn't think it was really necessary any more, since I think I've built about as much traffic for it as I can on my own, and because I wanted more time to focus on the individual posts.

*yawn* Need coffee. I still have hopes of doing weights tonight, but am not sure if I'll have the energy. I will not bludgeon myself if I can't.