February 25th, 2011


"The King's Speech"

I can't remember if I posted this link or not, the post went up rather unexpectedly: My erotic romance/erotica recs for Romance readers at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

I skipped out of the dayjob on time (!) last night and went to see The King's Speech, which I enjoyed. I am sure history was rearranged in several ways to make for better dramatic tension, but I wasn't watching it for history, but for the performances, which were all excellent. It was especially interesting watching the contrast between Geoffrey Rush's character's passion and Colin Firth's character's ruthless suppression of visible emotion, which of course has to slip as the story proceeds.

I am still giggling at the fact that Helena Bonham-Carter played the Queen Mum. She looked gorgeous as usual, especially in all the period clothing, and I liked that her character had agency - she was the one who found the unconventional speech therapist for her husband. Though after that she's in a supporting role, it's because Bertie has to take on agency himself if he's going to accomplish what he needs to accomplish; all the help in the world is no help if you don't help yourself.

Watching this movie was, to me, a bit like watching a fantasy novel about an alternate-world 1930s England, and not just because I am sure the history was shifted to accomodate plot structure. Perhaps because I don't have overwhelming knowledge about that period, and am an American, I was able to enjoy it as, well, a story.