February 11th, 2011


Writing Progress!

I got a haircut last night! I cannot convey how good it feels.

Yesterday, I found out I sold an as-yet-unwritten 15,000 word story (I sold it on synopsis) about Hailey, if any of you remember her from The Moonlight Mistress. It will be available in electronic form only, and probably not out for a really long time, since I don't have to turn it in until September 1st. But still, it's a sale. I will of course announce when it's out, because by then you will all have forgotten about it entirely.

I find it amusing this sale came the very day after I'd been looking at the current project thinking something like this: "There is no reason for anyone to care about this story. I can't make a coherent story to save my life. Also, I have no literary skills, and...no one will ever buy this."

True, the story I sold is a different story, and isn't written yet, but when I had similar thoughts last night, I was able to swiftly remind myself I'd just sold something.

I hate being neurotic about writing. I try all kinds of strategies but none of them works for long, if at all.

Last night I took my handwritten edits and entered them into the file for the current project. One part of the plot (well, frame for the relationship story) still makes no sense to me, but this morning I came up with a possible solution, so I'll implement that--or something else that works--this weekend. I also decided the first sex scene was really boring. It might not be as boring as I think (see neurotic), but I'm going to edit that more this weekend, too. I plan to send it out to my readers on Monday.

I also have to write a synopsis for it.

Now, of course, I worry that it won't sell since I just sold something else, but am stomping hard on those thoughts.