January 27th, 2011


Fire and Snow

Alas, I do not have a snow day today. Though all but two people in my (large) office seem to think we have a snow day, sigh. The buses weren't running this morning, which is really unusual. I trudged partially-shoveled sidewalks up to Market Street and found that the trolley was running, so I got to day job that way. I think I'll be going to the gym this afternoon, since I am pretty sure it will not be crowded; it wasn't too bad yesterday when I went just after lunch, and today there are even fewer people around.

Yesterday evening, there was a big fire on my block.

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When I walked past this morning, since I didn't get a snow day, I saw the house that burned was closer to me than I'd thought. All the windows and the door were boarded up. The building next door to it also had its top floor windows boarded up, so the fire did spread a little before it was brought under control. I'm not sure where the inhabitants went - I am pretty sure that house had been made over into apartments. There's no report of any fatalities, thank goodness. But still. Scary.