November 30th, 2010


I need to take my own advice!

I blogged over at Kate Elliott's LJ about Writing Explicitly.

Also, I am on a small deadline for three very small erotic stories. One of them is already written. I keep waffling on the other two. Yesterday I started writing a new idea while I was at lunch. I went home and typed up what I had, editing as I went, and realized I was almost 700 words in to what needed to be about a 2000 word story. *bzzt* I was in novel mode! I was laying the ground for something long!

I've written tons of really short stories, and I should know by now to start them at the major point of decision. Had I been writing too many novels? Had I lost the knack?

Thinking more, I decided writing novels was partly it, but mostly I was just laying the ground for me. I remembered that I had done that before, starting the story before it really needed to start as a sort of warm-up for my brain and for the worldbuilding. Now I can start on the "real" story.

Meanwhile, on the website front, the new design might go up as soon as the end of the week. Please ignore any small disruptions of service; the designer is trying to limit them to late at night, but of course our night isn't everyone's night! Also, the pro blog will be moving to the website URL. I'm hoping to keep both up for a little while, but am not sure how well that's going to work. I'll need to update the RSS feed, at the least.

In my copious free time.