November 10th, 2010


Singing and kindling

My Kindle arrived yesterday, shortly before I had to head for choir rehearsal, the first one for Monteverdi Vespers. I charged it up (it took maybe an hour?) and let it download the few books I'd bought and all the free classics I'd downloaded. Today I added on some PDF e-books I've bought over the last couple of years but never read because I didn't feel like reading on the computer.

The interface is fairly intuitive, so I've mostly been playing with organizing files, moving around in the files, etc.. I did read some free samples as well, of which one is probably a definite yes but I might get it in print, one was quite good but I don't know when I'll be in the mood, so not right now, and a couple were awful, no way.

For the Vespers, we're using a different score than when we performed it last, and slightly different breakdowns of parts due to being a smaller choir. So some of the movements I will likely be singing the same part as before, and some different. I remember the piece well enough that the new parts aren't a problem; we got through about half the choral movements last night, and they're in decent shape already. It felt really good in my voice, right in the center of my range when it wasn't going down low, low. The trickiest thing, I think, will be the transitions. There are a lot of them in this piece, and once you've got the feel they flow beautifully, but you've got to get the feel.

And now I'm going to re-read the posts I wrote last time I sang this! I'm so glad I tagged them!