November 8th, 2010


Offline Weekend

I went offline all weekend, which was refreshing. Saturday, I ran some errands, none particularly fun, then met friends that night for dinner and an Orchestra 2001 concert, which featured Wu Man, a pipa player. She was awesome. She did a solo piece (a premiere) as well as playing in two Tan Dun pieces. She also did a traditional Chinese song for an encore.

Sunday was a long-planned trip with two former work colleagues to the Green Flea Market in NYC, at 77th and Columbus. We took the bus up, had a nice brunch, then hopped the subway out to the market. I looked at a lot of jewelry, but luckily most of what I liked was out of my price range (antique) so easy to resist! I was also tempted by a sort of collar/scarf thing but despite being soft and in beautiful colors it looked terrible on me, so I resisted that, too. I liked the idea of a hat made from upholstery fabrics, but only one of the actual hats appealed to me, and it wasn't quite my style, though the colors were nice.

My friends bought some gifts, and one of them found a gorgeous red vintage suit jacket that fit perfectly. I eventually bought a bracelet, one of those wire wraparounds festooned with Czech glass beads. Will probably post some photos I took in the pro blog later this week, once I've downloaded them from my camera. Several of the vendors with the nicest stuff do not have online presence, which surprised me a bit. Most of the craft show people I've seen in Philly, if I ask, turn out to have at the least an Etsy shop.

One thing that restrained me particularly in spending was that on Friday night, I ordered a Kindle. The cost was defrayed with gift certificates, but it's still a largish purchase. I am hoping it will be useful when I take my long winter vacation to see family, as well as useful for the gym.