August 11th, 2010


I wrote something.

Last night I was really tired after I got home, so I sat down to type up notes for two different potential novels. Neither of them was the novel I'm actually writing, but I wanted to make sure the notes were easily accessible if I packed away the notebooks themselves, as I tend to do once they're full.

I wrote up a mostly-complete synopsis for a story starring Hailey (from The Moonlight Mistress) and am now wondering if it would work as a longish short story. When I have time, I'll think about that more.

The remaining notes were all about a potential erotic steampunk Western. This is the concept I pitched back in November of 2008, that got turned down as being possibly a bit too niche in an already small niche. I still want to do this someday...not sure if it would be a regular Western with a feel of Hollywood or a steampunk Western, though. I have plenty of ideas either way. I think it would be cool in steampunk, for example, if there were Indian inventors, getting patents which they then used to give money and power to their nations. Things in the U.S. would be a lot different if some of the Indian nations had greater resources to enforce their sovereignty. I am not Harry Turtledove, nor have I ever read one of his books, but I wonder how much research I would need to figure out all the possible implications?

Luckily, I have a current novel to finish. I can think about a whole new area of research later. ([personal profile] veejane, feel free to steal my ideas if you feel so moved!)