August 5th, 2010


gym day three of five in a row

I know I'm being really boring about this instead of chatting entertainingly about smutty novels, but bear with me for a little?

Yesterday was a "regular" gym day, with both cardio at high resistance and some pushups and leg lifts. I wasn't nearly as exhausted afterwards as after Tuesday's cardio only, so I suspect [profile] drinkingcocoa was right and I still had airplane lag (despite staying the same time zone!).

Today's another "cardio only" day.

The main thing I'm finding annoying is bringing my gym bag every day. However, rental lockers are scarce (I already missed the lottery, I think) and expensive (I don't want to pay more money!). If I were going during my lunch, that would be less of an issue, but that's not always possible. If I go after work, I don't want to return to the office. I guess I just have to suck it up. I don't plan to go to a five-days-a-week schedule forever, just this week and next week, and then sometimes.

I have this novel to write, see. I've figured out, at last, how and why New Werewolf Character finds Belgian Werewolf and what their damage is (partially) and what their conflict is, and it's all click-click-click. This weekend is going to be a writing marathon. No gym unless I really crave it. (Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)