August 2nd, 2010


*blink* & Georgette Heyer

I'm back from RWA. I'm not very functional, but I'm back.

Posts about the RWA Conference over at the pro blog. At the moment, they mostly consist of photographs. Will try to post a text report later this week.

I signed an e-book!

I got home Saturday night and spent most of Sunday recovering: sleeping, eating non-hotel-food, unpacking a few items at a time, etc.. In the evening I went to visit the Adorable Tots and got my workout lifting, swinging, and catching them as they hurtled from heights.

Last night I finished reading, at last, The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Joan Aiken Hodge, so now I am totally psyched for Georgette Heyer: A Critical Retrospective. There's supposed to be a new book on Heyer out soon, and I want to have the older works on her read before then.

I looked at my shelf of Heyer books and I seem to have many fewer than I thought I did (I've read almost all, except for a few I've held onto for special occasions). Some of my copies were lent out years ago and never returned, some might be packed away in weird places. I think I need to go through and replace some of the ones I can't find - if I end up with multiple copies, that's not such a bad thing.