July 2nd, 2010


I love fen.

I am so, so happy and grateful for all the help with the Readercon fanfiction panel. Thank you!!! I need to write up my own list, which I promise to post, but possibly not until after the con. I will also attempt to report on the panel, but can't promise much since I am moderating and won't be able to stop and make notes.

Choir repertoire!

I forgot to post my choir repertoire for next year, at least the main pieces - don't know the smaller pieces yet.

Mozart's Solemn Vespers (which aren't all that solemn, actually).

Monteverdi's Vespers of 1619.

Gesualdo's Tenebrae, possibly with Allegri's Miserere.

Not sure yet what we're doing for Bach Festival.

I am so excited about the Gesualdo, I can't even tell you.