May 6th, 2010


Orlando, hmm?

Due to the flooding in Nashville and killer piranhas, the RWA National Conference has been moved to Orlando, Florida.

In July. Oh goody.

Now I need to see if I can recoup anything from my non-refundable plane ticket to Nashville, perhaps pay a fee and get it changed...worse comes to worst, maybe I can donate the one I already paid for to some charitable cause. Nashville could use some help right now.

The hotel rooms are apparently going to be cheaper, she says, trying to cheer herself up. And maybe I can still get a direct flight.

On the writing side, I have been very slack at working on the new novel, partly due to last week's being eaten by Bach. I am getting back to it now. My agent called yesterday and I'm also putting together some notes for another possible project. And waiting for news on an anthology submission that I and a couple of buddies submitted; we should hear about that pretty soon.