March 17th, 2010


Concert reviews!

Tom Purdom's review. It's the print format page because I can never make the direct links on Broad Street Review work right.

Second review of my choir's weekend concerts, from the Philly Inquirer: definitely focused on the Castaldo. Why yes, I am irritated by the [not even relevant] "peyote ceremony" line...STEREOTYPE ALERT!!!

In other news, yesterday was a Get Things Done day. So I dug out the answers to a few more tax questions, completed my SFWA election ballot (and mailed it this morning), bought transit tokens, got cash (from ATM, legally!), and shopped for groceries. I've been out of yogurt for almost two weeks. So I bought European organic yogurt, and Greek yogurt, and kefir. Also some new kinds of cereal and some Morello cherries in syrup that can all be eaten with yogurt. Mmm, yogurt. The European is even nonfat, though I'm not as fond of the nonfat and will probably return to my fat-laden yogurt ways next trip.

While going through paperwork, I listened to Arvo Pärt's "Lamentate" (a birthday present) for the first time. Also the second and third times. I love his choral music most; he's one of my absolute favorite composers (he and Bach share the same cd rack); this is an instrumental piece, of which my favorite of his is "Alina." So far, I like the last section of "Lamentate" best, but I need to listen to it some more while not doing anything else.