February 19th, 2010


progress report and Gail Dayton, HEART'S BLOOD

I went to the gym after dayjob for a longer workout than I've been managing, then went home and did laundry. Go me.

Playing with the monkeys tonight, and possibly getting to watch a little, a very little, figure skating.

I finished the second of Gail Dayton's romances for Tor, Heart's Blood, and liked it more than the first. It felt like a tighter, more interesting plot to me, and I also felt like I learned the lead characters more deeply; the story was more focused on what was happening to them now as opposed to what had happened to them in the past. One method isn't necessarily better than the other, but to me it felt more immediate. More show and less tell, perhaps. In one way that was a problem, in that at one point the hero reacts to something heavily influenced by an event in his past that I never got a real grip on. I would've like a little more explication of that. (And the fact that I am looking at the book in the way I am indicates that I ponder some of the same issues in my own writing!) I continue to think the magical system she has going is really cool.

I got spammed.

My Victoria Janssen yahoo account got wormed, so if you get a message from it with no subject line and no content but a weird URL, do NOT click on the URL like my sleep-deprived self did yesterday after someone's account sent it to me.

Just delete the message.

And you don't have to tell me. Several people have let me know.