January 25th, 2010


progress report

I entered edits Friday night before attending Philly Fantastic, then got up Saturday morning and started the "freehand" edits, i.e., adding in description or action I'd noted on the manuscript but hadn't actually done. That was about a thousand words. Then I went to the gym, and had dinner out with friends, and saw Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca, which was very sexy aside from being very good.

Sunday, I made another round of paper edits, on scenes I hadn't looked at the first time around (using a different color pen so I could find the changes later). After a nap, I put the changes in.

I think I will print one more time and look it over, but I'm not sure how much brainpower I have left. I'm sending it to my editor this week, and then I can move on to the story I have to write in February.