December 10th, 2009


i will go to the gym, i promise

I woke up early enough, but could not get myself moving to get to the gym. I felt stiff and uncooperative. So instead I ate breakfast and drank coffee and downloaded a bunch of free mp3s from various blogs, to which I have not yet listened. But there will be mixes. Assuming I don't hate all of the songs. People are posting holiday mixes, which might just provide the last missing pieces for my Winter mix.

I will go to the gym at lunch or after work today. This is a true thing. Alas, I will not see the Adorable Tots this evening, as one of them is sick, and I really cannot be sick again. But it means I have another option for gym-going today, and I can do my laundry. It is strange how large laundry can loom in my consciousness.

Concert next week is in Chestnut Hill, which entails a train ride. The two dress rehearsals, on successive nights, also require train rides in the midst of rush hour followed by more train rides after 10:00 at night, assuming I don't find a ride back into the city with another singer (which might happen). Blehg. The things I do for Schutz and Praetorius and Bach!

I have decided I am tired of people telling me how bloody mathematical Bach is. I don't care. Bach is not just mathematical. Bach is dancing.