November 4th, 2009


*struggles to make bicep*

I continue to read bits of The Moonlight Mistress. I think I'm checking to see if all the words are there, or something. There are parts I didn't revise a great deal, and I keep searching those out; those are almost like reading something new. I found a small continuity error I made, that most readers probably won't catch. It doesn't make any difference to the plot.

I, who dislike reading on screen, have bought four m/m romance e-books, three of them by people I know and one that's set in World War One, so of course I had to have it. I'll probably post about them after I've read them all. Luckily, I could download all of them in PDF format, so I can print them on scrap paper and read them that way. Yeah, yeah, I'm a Luddite.

I upped my weights yesterday, to the degree that for some I had to really struggle, but today I'm not nearly as stiff as I worried I would be. Though I am not dancing like a butterfly, either.

Today's pro blog post is Oral Tradition, Epithets, and J.D. Robb.