October 26th, 2009


concert week

It's concert week, so I predict much sleep-deprivation in my future. I went to the gym on Sunday afternoon after writing, and am hoping to get a little more writing done today during my lunch hour, after which exhaustion and a brain full of music will likely preclude further attempts until the two concerts and all their associated rehearsals are over.

Bought a new necklace this weekend. It is a tiny brass spyglass that opens and closes, and is pleasingly heavy (the chain is robust). Alas, it is not a real spyglass, just clear glass. But Elder Tot was most amused by it and played with it twice in one evening. I probably won't wear it around her too much. It is irresistably tempting, and should be saved for special occasions. I'm wearing it today.

I'm in the very early stages of discussing a book trailer. I am somewhat excited, even though I've never really cared about book trailers before.

Put together a links post for the pro blog: in which I name-check the OTW in response to an article I found about "soon, everyone will publish." Like, duh.