September 18th, 2009


re-reading the WIP

The hardest part of re-reading my own work is stopping myself every time I want to make a tiny edit. That isn't the point right now. The point is to pick up on the various plot buttons I dropped in and forgot about, and figure out how to sew them on in the last third of the novel, and pre-figure them in the bits I already wrote. Or some similar metaphor that makes sense.

Gym Orientation is today at lunchtime.

If you have any questions you think I should include in my short fiction FAQ, or suggestions, or the like, I'm collecting them today. I want to do a page for my website compiling the information so far. Here's the post. I also attempted to use an MP3 widget to provide links to my Inspirations playlist, or at least a version of it, since some of the songs I used aren't available for sale. The one I tried is pretty awkward. I'd appreciate suggestions of others that might work better.