June 30th, 2009


progress report

I wrote just over 500 words at lunch yesterday and another 500 after work. Then I went home and made some notes from Patrick O'Brian's The Far Side of the World, mostly on sailing jargon, to give me ideas for the pirate book and how to describe things. Though I want to come up with some imaginary terminology and sprinkle that in, so my book won't sound so British navy when it really, really isn't. Yet at the same time, a little familiarity ought to help the reader.

I know, I know, I'm overthinking this. It's an erotic novel, not a sea adventure. Also, I've never sailed a boat in my life. But I want it to have the right feel.  I want it to feel classic.  Like all those Hornblower novels I read over and over when I was in high school as well as O'Brian.

Next up for notes, Captain Blood.