May 22nd, 2009


Morning at WisCon

As usual, I am at a con and up way too early; not meeting 1crowdedhour for another half-hour. Outside, it is raining. Will have to borrow an umbrella from the front desk, if they have one. Knew I should have brought mine, despite the weather forecast I saw!

So far, it's been pretty nonstop. After starting off having lunch with veejane and then shopping at Goodwill and Lands End, I chatted for a while with nojojo and jenwrites. Then found oyceter! Who already finished reading the new Sherry Thomas book! Then I went to the lobby to await oursin, where I found truepenny, who had news of oursin, veejane, and very soon, 1crowdedhour with a lot of luggage. Also Gabby, who might or might not have an LJ. Also some other people going in and out. The lobby of the Concourse is like that during WisCon, or even before it officially starts. I entertained wild_irises with my deconstruction of The Duchess, Her Maid, etc. cover, and then oursin arrived! Went to dinner at the Turkish place with her and veejane. We talked about syphilis in the Crimean War and about the Alamo and stuff like that.

After, hung in the lobby again. Met a new person, Sumina, and chatted briefly with sparkymonster and then saw Alaya Dawn Johnson and littlebutfierce! Then Pearl North arrived! You say, who is Pearl North? I say, new pseud for a friend of mine, whose YA science fiction book, Libyrinth, which has a library on another world, is finally going to be out from Tor in July. I do not reveal her name in case it is a secret. But the book sounded cool last time I heard her talk about it, and the cover is lovely. I bought Pearl a drink in the bar, while everyone who looked at her book postcards first asked who Pearl was, and then said that the name sounded like the author of a much smuttier book, which I found very funny. Pearl sounds like a Sexy Librarian name to me. Or perhaps a Tiny Grandmother in Flowered Dresses.

Crashed after that. Hopefully, jonquil and cofax7 got in safe and sound late last night or early this morning.